Top 5 Study Abroad Countries in Europe

Welcome to the official 2019 rankings for Top 5 Study Abroad Countries in Europe!
In our survey of over 20,000 international students, most of you told us that, when deciding where to study abroad, you choose the country first over a university or specific type of program. You also told us what you consider the most important factors when choosing a study abroad destination.

The rankings are based on these 7 factors:
To experience a new culture
To achieve career goals
To have an adventure
To make new friends/widen the professional network
To access higher-quality teaching
To study for free
To attain a visa

Top 5 Study Abroad Countries in Europe – 2019

5. Sweden

Global Ranking – 11

International students – 38,000

Population – 10.2 million

Earning the top place among Scandinavian countries, and #11 in our worldwide rankings, Sweden is a hub for innovation, inclusiveness and independent thought. While providing a progressive and creative education, Sweden also boasts the #1 ranking for study costs in Europe, making all your dreams of living a Scandi lifestyle that much more attainable!

Sweden additionally performed well in our career goals category (ranking #5 in Europe), with many who earn degrees in Sweden able to tap into a global community full of multinational companies and exciting opportunities, particularly in the tech industry.

Added bonuses of bringing your studies to Sweden include experiencing the incredible sense of well-being and work-life balance enjoyed by Swedes, knowing that everyone can speak English and living in the most equal country in the world! Could there be a better place to live?

4. France

Global Ranking – 9

International Students – 260,000

Population – 67.3 million

As one of the oldest and most historically rich nations in the world, France and its people are well known for their fine cuisine, fashion and art, earning a ranking of #2 in our Culture category within Europe.

Many have a visit to France on their bucket list, but what if you could study in a city such as Paris, Nice or Bordeaux, and immerse yourself over the course of a semester or year abroad?

There is plenty to see and do, earning France a ranking of #11 for adventure in Europe. While France is most certainly a top tourist destination, study abroad options are also prominent and more accessible, with study costs there being relatively reasonable for many who hope to live there (ranked just outside the top ten at #11).

With over 3,000 institutions of higher education offering an array of degree options, including some of the world’s best, studying in France is an option for everyone!

3. Switzerland

Global Ranking – 8

International Students – 50,000

Population – 8.5 million

While being a relatively small country in Central Europe, Switzerland is a country that is able to offer an impressive quality of life and fantastic opportunities for education and careers, ranking #2 in Europe for teaching quality and #6 for career goals. So, what is the secret to Switzerland’s success?

Why are the Swiss consistently some of the happiest citizens in the world? Does it have something to do with the fact that the Swiss regularly consume the most chocolate per capita every year? Maybe! Besides the incredible cuisine and candy, though, Switzerland offers an excellent array of universities, beautiful landscapes and rewarding educational possibilities.

2. Netherlands

Global Ranking – 7

International students – 82,000

Population – 17.2 million

The Netherlands scored impressively in both the teaching quality (#3 in Europe) and career goals (#4) rankings. With over 2,000 university programs taught in English, it shouldn’t be too hard to find your perfect study opportunity.

With an emphasis on an interactive and student-centred teaching style, as well as a diverse international community, the Netherlands is a very popular place to not only study but remain after graduation. This is especially because the Dutch government is set on retaining international talent, with the option to apply for a one year residence permit upon graduation. The Netherlands is a natural choice when seeking a destination to study and build a professional career in!

  1. Spain

Global Ranking – 2

International students – 60,000

Population – 46.7 million

Not only did Spain take the #1 spot in our Top European countries, it was also ranked #2 in the world in our global rankings. The country also ranked #1 in Europe for adventure and #3 for culture.

With the cost of living in Spain is relatively low, over 70 universities to choose from, and a rich historical and artistic landscape to navigate, Spain is a great choice for any study abroad option!

Studying in Spain will also give you a chance to learn the second most commonly spoken language in the world; perfect for enhancing your career prospects after university!

In the meantime, you have the fantastic climate to enjoy, exciting cities and beautiful countryside to explore, and the wonderful culture of tapas and fiestas to sample! It’s no wonder that Spain has one of the largest populations of study abroad students in the world! Have you considered joining them?

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