5 Best Countries for International Students in 2019

Editor’s note: This article is part of our Meaningful Travel Forecast series and official travel report for 2019. ☆ Going to university is an exciting milestone: You’ll meet new friends, attend new classes, and explore a whole new environment.

If you’re an adventurer at heart, there is one foolproof way to make the experience even more exciting… pursuing a degree abroad! Choosing to complete your degree abroad—whether for undergraduate or graduate studies—is a surefire way to get the most out of your post-secondary experience.

Thinking about where to get a degree abroad can be dizzying: You literally have an entire planet of options. But, on the bright side, there’s never been a better time than to go abroad for a degree in 2019. chance to meet like-minded and studious travellers wherever you decide to go.

Your search has to start somewhere, and GoAbroad’s 2019 Meaningful Travel Forecast—brought to you by our community of travellers, international educators, and program administrators—is here to help narrow things down. Here are the best countries for international students in 2019!

The top 5 countries for international students in 2019

1. Germany

“Repeat after me: Free tuition,” says GoAbroad COO Kayla Patterson. Yes, you heard that right! Not only does Germany look like the scenic backdrop of a fairytale, but it is also one of many countries with free college for international students!

This is one of the reasons why Germany tops our list for the best countries for international students in 2019. Germany is also home to enchanting medieval scenery, high standards of living, and complex history that is worth delving into.

They also have some pretty wicked beer as well (which is always a plus as a student). This goes to show that Germany is so much more than just being one a tuition-free countries for international students!

Traveller’s program pick: Schiller International University

2. England

England is just as full of quirkiness and fun as it is full of grandeur and tradition. From Buckingham Palace to cheese-rolling competitions, the country has a lot of personalities—it’s not just tea, drizzling weather, and bangers and mash here! England is one of the top countries for international students due to its academic traditions and excellence (it is home to Cambridge and Oxford, after all).

You can study in any of the major cities, surrounded by renown and historic buildings, or in a quiet town, surrounded by the rolling green hills of the English countryside. Either way, it is one of the best countries to study and settle for international students!

Traveller’s program pick: Across the Pond

3. Spain

Spain is wine, tapas, and a warm summer’s breeze. It is a gorgeous architecture, balmy beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine. You can study in famous cities like Madrid or Barcelona, or take up your studies in one of the smaller scenic towns in the countryside or by the beach.

Spain is one of the best countries for students who want to experience a passion for the good life. Take a study break during siesta, explore some ancient cathedrals, eat some paella, and then party all night long. Maybe watch some fútbol while you’re there as well (as if you’d have the choice!).

Traveller’s program pick: BA in Interior Architecture, Fashion Design & Graphic Design

4. Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its mountains, chocolate, and fondue. That alone might be enough to convince you to study abroad in Switzerland! The country has a high standard of living, and schools in Switzerland are ranked among the top in the world.

There are four official languages (Swiss-German, French, Italian, and Romansh) in Switzerland, which makes it the perfect place to pursue a foreign language degree! Switzerland is a nature lover’s playground: in between your studies, you can hike, bike, climb, snowboard, or ski its mountains and valleys.

Switzerland is also known as a diplomatic and stable country, which makes it one of the best countries to study and settle down for international students!

Traveller’s program pick: Business and Hotel Management School of Switzerland

5. China

How do you sum up China in a paragraph? It is nearly impossible, but we’ll try! It is a vast country, filled with unique cultures, regional cuisines, and timeless traditions. Regional cultures are so varied that sometimes it feels like multiple countries rolled into one! Its cities are dazzlingly modern, but the country is linked by seams of history and antiquity.

Whether you choose to trace it’s 5000-year-old historical past or go along for the ride of it’s rapidly spreading modernity, there is something new to be discovered in every corner of China.

In such a tremendously massive country, you are sure to find something that fits your study abroad adventure, which is why China is one of the best countries for international students.

Traveller’s program pick: Georgia Tech Shenzhen

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